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Advanced combustion and aerothermal technologies

  • Author:SYRED
  • ISBN-13:9781402065132
  • ISBN-10:1402065132
  • Edition:N/A
  • Year of Publication:2007
  • Publisher:SPRINGER VERLAG GmbH & CO KG
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Book Description:
Here readers will find a summary of proceedings at a highly important NATO workshop. The ARW Advanced Combustion and Aerothermal Technologies: Environmental Protection and Pollution Reductions, was held in Kiev, May 2006. The workshop was co-directed by Profs. N. Syred and A.Khalatov, winners of the NATO Scientific Prize 2002, and was organized by the Institute of Thermophysics (Ukraine) and Cardiff University, UK. The primary workshop objective was to assess the existing knowledge on advanced combustion and aerothermal technologies providing reduced environmental impact. 
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