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Bacteria, fungi, lichens and plants

  • Author:SWANSON
  • ISBN-13:9780643103924
  • ISBN-10:0643103929
  • Edition:N/A
  • Year of Publication:2012
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Book Prices: Foreign Price: US $39.95 PAK Rupees: Rs.5016.12 Our Price: Rs.4012.896 You Save: Rs.1003.224 ADD TO CART
Book Description:
In this series of three books, the author escorts the reader on a fascinating and inspiring exploration of areas of the biological world unseen and unknown by most. In each volume, the author presents often complex scientific ideas in a style that is lively and easily understood. Together with stunning 3D images, taken using one of the most modern and powerful scanning electron microscopes available, the books present a unique portrait of the biosphere. What does the inside of a leaf look like and why do leaves have all of those "pipes"? On the outside surfaces of a leaf are stomata, but have you ever wondered what they are for? Where do pollen grains come from and are flowers really just modified leaves? Volume 3 examines some of the earliest life-forms, describing the continuing impact these organisms have on planet Earth. Follow the development of fungi from spore germination through to maturity and reproduction, all in brilliant 3D. Microscopic Worlds will appeal to readers of all ages. The author makes no assumptions about what the reader knows about science, but ultimately it will be the images that initiate a desire to know more. KEY FEATURES * Presents often complex scientific ideas in a style that is lively and easily understood * Useful teaching tool for science teachers * Comes with 3D glasses 
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