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Coaching in organizations: best coaching practices from the ken blanchard companies

  • Author:HOMAN
  • ISBN-13:9780470125175
  • ISBN-10:0470125179
  • Edition:N/A
  • Year of Publication:2008
  • Publisher:JOHN WILEY & SONS INC.
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Book Description:
Learn the secret to success in your business coaching program.Coaching in organizations has grown substantially over the past ten years, with businesses spending millions of dollars on coaching programs in the United States alone. Without a universal understanding of what coaching is, however, executive coaches and consultants may become frustrated with what appears to be little or no tangible results from their corporation′s investment.How can your company experience an "observable" return on investment through its coaching program? From The Ken Blanchard Companies, a leading global corporate training firm, comes a powerfulguide designed to help executive coaches and managersimplement programs that work for their organizations.With Coaching in Organizations, your business can: Learn how to establish a top–quality "coaching climate." Support learning, achieve strategic objectives, and build up leadership development. Look at internal and external coaching and the roles and competencies of each. Put the right elements to work to get the most from your coaching program. Develop a coaching program that creates sustainability and ensures a real return on your organization′s invested training dollars.
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