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Building lean supply chains with the theory of constraints

  • ISBN-13:9780071771214
  • ISBN-10:0071771212
  • Edition:N/A
  • Year of Publication:2012
  • Publisher:McGRAW-HILL
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Book Prices: Foreign Price: US $60.00 PAK Rupees: Rs.7533.60 Our Price: Rs.6026.88 You Save: Rs.1506.72 ADD TO CART
Book Description:
Innovative strategies for building and managing the supply chain using Lean and the Theory of Constraints (TOC)With an emphasis on systems thinking, Building Lean Supply Chains with the Theory of Constraints uniquely integrates TOC with Lean, illustrating how these two philosophies complement and reinforce each other to create the smooth flow of goods and services through the supply chain. The majority of the chapters draw on the tools and techniques of TOC, including throughput accounting, drum-buffer-rope, TOC in distribution and replenishment, the thinking process, and critical chain project management. All of these topics are presented in the context of building and managing a lean supply chain to achieve true bottom line results.Coverage includes:The lean supply chain roadmapEnvisioning the lean supply chain: systems thinkingAdopting a throughput world perspectiveDesigning products and processes to fulfill customer needsBuilding a competitive operations strategyPartnering in the lean supply chainStreamlining the value streamCreating flow through the supply chainManaging projects the TOC way: critical chain project management 
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