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Fundamentals of bioinformatics

  • Author:HARISHA .S
  • ISBN-13:9788189866419
  • ISBN-10:8189866419
  • Edition:N/A
  • Year of Publication:2007
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Book Prices: Foreign Price: INDIAN RS225.00 PAK Rupees: Rs.438.75 Our Price: Rs.351 You Save: Rs.87.75 ADD TO CART
Book Description:
Bioinformatics is an upcoming discipline of Life Sciences. It is an integration of computer science, and mathematical and statistical methods to manage and analyze the biological data. The fundamental issues that directly impact an understanding of life at structural, functional and molecular level, and regulation of gene expression can be studied by using bioinformatics tools. "The Fundamentals of Bioinformatics" is a comprehensive book for undergraduates, postgraduates and research scholars, who urge to learn about theoretical as well as practical aspects of this upcoming field. This pioneering book provides up-to-date information on bioinformatics and emphasizes recent topics like drug design technology, pharmacogenomics, proteomics and genomics. The present textbook will be an asset to Life sciences and technology institutions, since it has been designed based on the prescribed syllabus of various Indian Universities and aboard, and cover all the important topics on Bioinformatics. 
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