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Biochemical engineering

  • Author:DOBLE,M
  • ISBN-13:9788120330528
  • ISBN-10:8120330528
  • Edition:N/A
  • Year of Publication:2007
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Book Prices: Foreign Price: INDIAN RS195.00 PAK Rupees: Rs.380.25 Our Price: Rs.304.2 You Save: Rs.76.05 ADD TO CART
Book Description:
This text is intended to provide students with a solid grounding in basic principles of biochemical engineering. Beginning with a historical review and essential concepts of biochemical engineering in part I, the next three parts are devoted to a comprehensive discussion of various topics in the areas of life sciences, kinetics of biological reactions and engineering principles.Having described the different building blocks of life, microbes, metabolism and bioenergetics, the book proceeds to explain enzymatic kinetics and kinetics of cell growth and product formation. The engineering principles cover transport phenomena in bioprocess systems and various bioreactors, downstream processing and environmental technology. Finally, the book concludes with an introduction to recombinant DNA technology.This textbook is designed for B.Tech. courses in biotechnology, B.Tech. courses in chemical engineering and other allied disciplines, and M.Sc. courses in biotechnology. 
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