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ADD TO CART DETAILS Applied biopharmaceutics & pharmacokinetics international edition SHARGEL Price: Rs.7773.176
ADD TO CART DETAILS Bentley's text book of pharmaceutics. RAWLINS Price: Rs.918.68
ADD TO CART DETAILS Clinical pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics concepts & applications ROWLAND Price: Rs.1428.2
ADD TO CART DETAILS Comprehensive pharmacy review SHARGEL Price: Rs.2308.28
ADD TO CART DETAILS Concise anatomy & physiology for paramedical nursing & pharmacy ASGHAR Price: Rs.540.4
ADD TO CART DETAILS Concise inorganic pharmaceutical chemistry-1 first year diploma in pharmacy KUCHEKAR.S.B Price: Rs.100.36
ADD TO CART DETAILS Dale and appelbe's pharmacy and medicines law APPELBE Price: Rs.5765.2
ADD TO CART DETAILS Development of therapeutic agents handbook GOD Price: Rs.27921.6
ADD TO CART DETAILS Engines of hippocrates from the dawn of medicine to medical and pharmaceutical informatics BAEK Price: Rs.12764.16


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